FRC Action Endorses Amedee for House 51

FRCA__logo_Alt_PICK_BIG(Houma)  Tony Perkins, President of Family Research Council Action, the nation’s most vocal voice for family values today endorsed Beryl Amedee for House District 51.

In a statement, Perkins writes:

On behalf of FRC Action, the legislative affiliate of the Family Research Council, I am pleased to endorse you in your race for the 51st District of the Louisiana House of Representatives. From interacting with you, evaluating the issues that matter to you, and researching your positions, I believe you will be a strong champion for the core values of our country; faith, family, and freedom.

As a resident of Louisiana, this race is of particular interest to me. Louisiana is looking for elected leaders who will unashamedly stand for truth and will challenge the misguided notion that government knows best. We need strong leaders who will fight for the timeless values that have proven to be beneficial to all of our citizens.

We at FRC Action are confident that you will be a strong advocate for limited government, for individual liberties and for traditional family values. Once again, we are pleased to offer our endorsement and will urge those who care about the future of the family and constitutional government to support you as well.

“The work of FRC Action is dear to me and to my family. I appreciate Tony Perkins’ support in this election. Supporting the right to life, healthy marriages and individual liberties are all issues near to my heart,” says Beryl Amedee.

The election is October 24th.

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