Amedee Gets Support from Lawsuit Fairness Group

LLFPAC Logo(Morgan City) Boysie Bollinger, chairman of the Louisiana Lawsuit Fairness Political Action Committee has announced their support and endorsement for Beryl Amedee for election to House District 51.

LLFPAC is the political action arm of the Louisiana Lawsuit Fairness Committee, and it supports legislative candidates who are committed to enacting the legal reforms necessary to ensure a fair legal system for everyone.

“Our current legal system encourages excessive litigation, discourages job growth, and increases the costs of operating a business in Louisiana,” says Chairman Bollinger. “LLFPAC appreciates Ms. Amedee’s willingness to serve, and we are pleased to support her campaign.”

“Our endorsement is based upon due consideration of Ms. Amedee’s interest in making our state less litigious, and creating a fair civil justice system for Louisiana’s job creators,” notes Boysie Bollinger, chaiman of the the Louisiana Lawsuit Fairness PAC.

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