Amedee Announces Bid for House District 51

Public service remains a good and noble calling. As your state representative, I will work to build our district’s reputation as a family-friendly community where people want to stay to raise their children and retire. It is the legislature’s job to devise and implement strategies that allow residents to, not just survive, but thrive here for generations to come.

Being a coastal district, water is one of our greatest assets. It is also our biggest threat. In my work as parish councilwoman, we have launched many flood protection, coastal restoration, and drainage projects with more to come. As your legislator, I will secure funding for smart solutions to flooding and erosion and decrease red tape, including redundant studies, so that projects move forward quickly.

We need reliable sources of income for our people to live well. We must create a business environment that makes it advantageous for established businesses to remain and for new businesses to locate here. I will propose and support economic policies that offer incentives instead of penalties, permitting processes that are not over-burdensome, and education plans that ensure our students graduate into the work force already possessing the skills required by local industries.

As a wife, mother, and an education leader representing schools across Louisiana, I have, on many occasions, taken constituents’ problems to Washington, DC and Baton Rouge to convince legislators on important life, freedom, family and education issues. As councilwoman, I returned to Washington, DC to assist our Louisiana Congressional Delegation in rallying support from other members of Congress for matters important to Louisiana including FEMA reform, NFIP mapping, and environmental and air quality regulations. I stand ready to do so again, as needed.

headshot_brickI would consider it an honor to serve as a member of the House in order to make a lasting difference in the lives of the good people of Louisiana.

I am Beryl Amedee and I am asking for your support to elect me to represent the citizens of District 51 of the Louisiana House of Representatives.

Thank you for your interest and support!